Three Days in Florence – An Itinerary for First Time Visitors

The absolute minimum time one should spend in Florence on one’s first visit should be three days. In three full days, one can easily cover all the popular tourist destinations, most of which are at walking distance from each other (within a radius of one kilometre). If you’ve already done some research on Florence, you would know that most of the tourist destinations in the city are museums. This could be a little tiring for a holiday, especially if you are not into museums. To make things easier, I have created an itinerary┬áthat spreads out the museums in a such a way that you are not ovewhelmed on any single day.

The third day in the itinerary may seem tough considering all are museums but do not worry! All the museums mentioned on this day are small and can be completed within a maximum of two hours and even lesser in some.

Special Mentions –┬áLaurentian Library, Giardino Bardini and Medici Chapel.

Must do Activities in Florence

Climb the Tower of Arnolfo for Spectacular Views of the Duomo (cover picture) – There are several towers that gives you views of the Duomo but in my opinion, the view from this tower is the best.

Watch the Sunset at Piazzale Michelangelo. Time your day in such a way that you reach the Piazzale right at the end of your day, during sunset. Make sure you check online and find out the time of sunset. It could vary depending on the season you are visiting.

Shop at Bartolini for the Traditional Italian Espresso Machine by Bialetti – If you love coffee and do not already own an espresso machine, you have to get one of these as a souvenir. There is a Bartolini at walking distance from the Galleria dell’ Accademia. A medium sized machine that makes coffee for three costs ~22 Euros. This was suggested by a local.

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